Acupuncture Signature Facial

This unparalleled beauty treatment helps rejuvenate your skin so you look great from morning til night. It is performed on the face or neck. The treatment works to improve blood and energy circulation to nourish, hydrate and soften the skin.

Our acupuncture facial addresses ever-changing skin, day to day, month to month, year to year. Customized each time to work with all skin types and issues including dry, acneic, mature skin and rosacea. Your acupuncturist will analyze your skin and create a unique treatment for your specific needs.

The acupuncturist’s specific placement of needles induces collagen production and new skin cells; acupuncture needles can also work on strengthening facial muscles or relax frown lines.
With cosmetic acupuncture there is no downtime and you leave the appointment feeling relaxed and refreshed. Nothing compares to a full cosmetic acupuncture treatment.

Cosmetic Acupuncture for Aging Intervention helps to
– Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
– Reduce frown lines
– Tighten pores (recommend skin spin roller at home)
– Increase collagen production
– Brighten the eyes
– Improve the muscle tone
– Relieve muscle tension in facial muscles
– Improve skin health
– Improve hair health and growth
– Slow the aging process

Visible results are typically seen within 7 to 8 treatments and follow-up treatments once or twice a month are recommended to maintain and enhance your results. Many clients report a positive change in 3 to 5 sessions. According to a study published in The International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture, Volume 17, Oct-2019, 90% of the 300 patients treated with facial acupuncture had positive effects with this treatment. Effects included improvement in skin texture and coloring, increased elasticity and overall rejuvenation.

What is the anti-aging process with Acupuncture treatment?
Acupuncture helps to remodel the skin – encouraging collagen and elastin production – cosmetic acupuncture can create firmer and more resilient skin around the eyes. It also improves microcirculation that helps with puffiness and discolouration issues. Similarly, it can plump up your lips and smoothe the area around your lip line for a softer look.

Ready to Benefit from an all Natural Facial Rejuvenation?

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